Hunmanby History

A Selection from Dr Robin Gilbank

About the Author - Dr Robin Gilbank spent the first eighteen years of his life in Hunmanby and attended 
Hunmanby County Primary School and Filey Secondary School. He has published a number of articles on local 
history in Publications including The Dalesman, Around the Wolds and The Yorkshire Journal, and has worked 

on two books about writers of the East Riding.

Dr Gilbank formerly taught at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He is now a Lecturer in British Literature at
Northwest University, Xi’an, the People’s Republic of China, only a few miles from the site of the world famous

Terracotta Army.

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Batworth House: an elegant Victorian villa Charles Henry Reynolds (1806-75): the builder of Batworth

In any village the undertaker is peculiarly well-placed to monitor and record all aspects of the community. Herbert Cecil Mowthorpe, or ‘Ces’ as he preferred to be known, was no exception

The last article on crime and misadventure highlighted a few remarkable episodes in the history of the village. The follow up piece does not contain murder or anything as dramatic

A few notable visitors to Hunmanby over the years

Of the many people who have lived in Hunmanby over the years, the murderer Dr. Edward William Pritchard is without a doubt the most notorious

All Saints’ churchyard contains a number of fascinating memorials. A lot of them are now sadly less than legible because of the effects of weather and erosion.

Early pre-photographic images of Hunmanby village are surprisingly rare.

A custom which came to an abrupt conclusion in 1860 was the "Riding of the Stang"   

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