What do the different councils do?

North Yorkshire County Council – 1st Tier of Local Government

North Yorkshire County Council is responsible for services across the whole of a county, such as:

  • Education

  • Transport

  • Fire and public safety

  • Health & Social care

  • Libraries

  • Street lighting

  • Roads, Highways & Pavements

  • Waste management

  • Trading standards

  • Births, Deaths & Marriages

  • Public Rights of Way

  • Winter Services

Scarborough Borough Council – 2nd Tier of Local Government

Scarborough Borough Council covers a smaller area than the County Council. They’re responsible for the following services:

  • Rubbish Collection

  • Recycling

  • Council Tax Collections – Business and


  • Housing

  • Planning applications

  • Environment

  • Leisure Services

  • Business, Licencing and Grants

  • Consultations

  • Tourism


Hunmanby Parish Council - Local Level of Government

Hunmanby Parish Council operates at a level below NYCC and SBC.

We have 13 councillors, who all volunteer their time freely and can help on a number of local issues, such as providing:

  • Allotments – we lease our land to Hunmanby Allotment Association

  • Grass Cutting – we undertake the grass cutting in certain areas within Hunmanby

  • Public clocks – we help maintain the church clock

  • Public seating – we maintain over 25 seats

  • Sports facilities – we lease our land to Hunmanby Playing Fields Association

  • We own and maintain Cross Hill

  • Community Centre – we lease this to Hunmanby Community Centre Committee

  • Play areas and play equipment – these are located at Bowling Green Lane, Constable Road, Hamerton Road and Sands Lane. We also own the Skatepark behind the community centre.

  • Give grants to help local organisations

  • Consult on neighbourhood planning

  • Liaise with the county council and the borough council relating to village issues

  • Send out a newsletter to all residents 3 times a year advising on council matters

Decision making

The full council (a meeting of all council members) is responsible for all decisions. But the council has given delegated powers to the following committees:

  • Staffing and Complaints

  • Premises

  • Finance

  • Gateway

  • Planning

Hunmanby Parish Council has a Parish Clerk and a Responsible Financial Officer and two caretakers who carry out the decisions of the council.

You can view council meeting agendas, minutes and reports on this website.

You are welcome to attend most council meetings unless there is a exclusion of the press and public.